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Credit Cards > Articles > The Importance of Plastic Money

The Importance of Plastic Money

Nowadays, a great majority of the population of many countries around the world have at least one credit card and in some households, as much as three or four. Almost everyone has a credit card from teenagers to employees to retirees.

A credit card is actually a financial arrangement between the consumer and the issuer (bank) that allows the consumer to instantly borrow money from them with the explicit understanding that the loan will be repaid at a future date. Payment includes not just the principal but also includes interest charges should you elect to pay on installments on a specified date monthly.

Credit cards provide holders with convenience allowing you to make purchases even if you do not have the money on hand at the time of purchase. It is also useful for emergency purchases during unforeseen circumstances. It is also very useful in keeping track of your expenditures since all credit card transactions are dutifully reflected in your monthly statement of account.

And more importantly, it saves you from carrying a lot of cash when you travel locally or even abroad!

Used responsibly, credit cards are a great improvement to our finances.

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